Koala Bear are Fond of Eating Eucalyptus Plants

Among many of the animals that are there in this world, Koalas is one of them. It is a species of bear that are considered to be herbivorous and also known for eating eucalyptus plants. Koalas are also referred to as koala bears because of their bear look-a-like features but they are not bears and are not even related to the bear family. They feed mostly on the leaves from some of the many species of the eucalyptus trees. They get most of the water that they require from their diet, but will however drink fresh water whenever it is available.

Generally, they are found in the dense forests only. They do not eat anything else except the eucalyptus plants. Somehow, they are also eaten by owls or eagles because they are not having a fighting nature. While they are known for eating the eucalyptus plants, they generally do not eat anything else but if they found anything of their like say, tea leaves, paper bark tree, they eat that also. As per the estimation, one Koala bear can eat up to 200-500 grams of eaves on daily basis. As these things are available near to mountains or in dense forests, they stay in those areas only. However, they also have to protect them from the attacks from other animals. The reason why Koalas eat a lot of eucalyptus leaves is that they are hard to digest because of which they can stay without eating anything for 2 days. Koalas sleep a lot because of which it also helps them in digestion. For sleeping at least 20 hours a day, they require bamboo stick which provide them better grip in maintaining balance and sleeping for long.

While having a look alike as a bear, Koalas are not considered as the bears because they are small in size and also their habits are not matched with the bears. Because of their habits and nature, they are rarely visible and also they are not found in any kind of zoo too. However, this species is not available in many parts of the world and their existence is also creating a question to the mankind.

One of the most different and funny fact about the Koalas Bear is that they eat eucalyptus plants or any of their preferred food item only at night. Through the leaves, they also get water which supports them when they do not find anything to eat.


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