Koalas: Eating Pattern and More

Consider one of the animals that refuse to eat anything else rather that two or three things and can spend two days maximum after eating one day. That one animal is Koala bear. Coming from the bear family but not actually considered as bear, this animal is having all those features with which it can attract the people. This bear is actually living his life on eucalyptus plants and eat that plant only. It can go for it because this also helps them to have water and also hard to digest so that they can take a big nap in a day.

Now, one funny fact about koalas is the fact that they eat mainly during the night, since the temperatures are cooler. Another fun fact is the part where they eat about three hours per day – you can imagine the general idea of it. There are many other reasons based on which koalas only eat the eucalyptus leaves and one of the reasons is that the koalas live high among the tree for protection against the other animals that might mean harm to the koalas. The oil that is on the eucalyptus leaves is poisonous to other animals.

 Generally, they are found in the dense forests only. They do not eat anything else except the eucalyptus plants. Somehow, they are also eaten by owls or eagles because they are not having a fighting nature. While they are known for eating the eucalyptus plants, they generally do not eat anything else but if they found anything of their like say, tea leaves, paper bark tree, they eat that also. As per the estimation, one Koala bear can eat up to 200-500 grams of eaves on daily basis.

They occasionally will eat several other things, but this is only if they can’t find the eucalyptus leaves that they want or need. These other things are wattle, tea tree, paper bark, and pine species. Koalas will search for the eucalyptus leaves and if they can’t find the eucalyptus leaves that they are looking for, they will try a few things off of the list mentioned above.

 Thus, Koalas can get these plants easily for their food and also it is possible that they can sleep on bamboo trees by balancing them on it. However, they are rarely found and they are not available in many parts of the world. Because of globalization and ending of plants and forests, their existence is in danger.


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